I encountered this very engaging piece of street art while roaming around the Logan Circle neighborhood in Washington DC.  (I can't spend every minute networking at INTA, can I?)  
Those of you who keep up with this rather sporadic blog might recognize that I am a bit preoccupied with street art.  I see tremendous value in receiving individual voices (and unexpected surprises) within the urban landscape--a place generally reserved for the bombardment of advertising and carefully selected commissioned works.  This piece was particularly interesting because it encouraged viewer participation in a highly accessible way--asking a question every single one of us can answer.  It is a giant chalk board where anyone can write something she wants to do before she dies. (Chalk was provided).  I also find this piece interesting because it serves the purpose of preventing vandalism at a local bus stop in front of a walled-off property by inviting people to write on the wall.  Virtually everyone who passed either wrote on the wall, or stopped to read things written by others.  It was quite fascinating to read and to watch.

Another one of my favorites, a yarn-bombing in Seattle, where clever knitters put sweaters on the trees in a park next to the county courthouse.  Aside from being wonderfully colorful on a dark winter day in Seattle, this work also showcases the fact that street art can be impermanent and non-damaging.  I believe we benefit from this kind of visual diversity in our landscape and such artworks should be encouraged.


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06/20/2013 01:00

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